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Name: Stephen Beggan   Date: 17/9/2021
Comment:I had the opportunity to meet Euan, his Wife and friend on a motorcycle trip around Scotland with two friends last week. The workmanship and hospitality we received was second to none. I really enjoyed trying out the 5 string and tenor banjos... Definitely on my list to join my Deering, Dave Boyle and Clareen banjos
Name: Jim Davies   Date: 25/3/2019
Comment:Dear Euan; It was delightful to see you and Billy together on my Australian steam-powered telly.Now, down to the meat on the bone. A good many years ago I bought two books of banjo music dated 1886 that belonged to a Major Evans of the Black Watch when he was billeted in Malta.Ive been trying to find an address for Billy to send them to him without success. Id appreciate any assistance you could give me.Many thanks;Jim.
Name: Kevin Frediani   Date: 11/2/2019
Comment:I have been fortunate to have not only spent time with Euan as a craftsman luthier but also to have him share his passion and knowledge while crafting my dream banjo.HAn honour to spend time in the company of a true gentlemanI would have no problem recommending Euan and his work to youThank you
Name: Dave Muir   Date: 4/2/2019
Comment:Hi Euan Id just like to say my visit on Saturday was fantastic . Seeing all your handmade instruments and the information about the way you make them was a musicians dream, you truly are a master of your craft . The 5 string banjo that came into my possession on Saturday will be looked after and cared for, Sir Billy Connelly was right when he said it was a thing of beauty. Thanks for a great experience Dave fi Cupar By the way ,Ill send through a wee movie clip of my rendition once i get a wee practice in .
Name: Jim Hyndman   Date: 24/11/2016
Comment:Lovely visit, Euan ! You have such a well-organised workshop, great wood, and engineering skills. Also an eye for detail and quality. That tone ring made from purpleheart wood looks spectacular, hope it sounds as good as it looks.Must pop up again,regards, Jim
Name: Malcolm   Date: 16/8/2016
Comment:Thank you for taking time last week to show me around your workshop it was great Euan. Also my guitar is sounding fantastic again thanks to you, you are a gifted talented craftsman. For anybody who is looking to get work done on their pride and joy you will not go wrong using this mans services. Thanks again dude all the best Malcolm.