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Darragh Carey Kennedy On Chattan Luithery Tenor

3rd place all Ireland Fleadgh winner 2019 Darragh Carey Kennedy trying out my latest 17 fret tenor this morning accompanied by Jake Paterson on guitar. This is the banjo I have gifted to the Irish Helping Hand RBHSC charity for their fundraiser Ball in Dec 2019, to be sold, raffled or auctioned. Loads of shares please. This charity helps families whose children have to recieve nuerosurgery etc and gives them some support.






Folsom Prison Blues


David Muir Playing a Chattanluthiery Banjo





Euan Talking About Making Banjos After Sir Billy Connolly Visit





Carlton Powers From The Band Midnight Run Playing Chattan Luthiery Curly Maple Banjo





Chattanluthiery Walnut Banjo Played By Jordan Kay



My Hand Made Banjo

Hi Euan, Thanks for letting me know about the video!...always funny to see yourself and hear what you sound like!. I'd be very flattered if you included it on your website, it was a lovely instrument to play....solid, responsive, great workmanship and clearly had a nice range of tones. I hope I did it justice. The tune is Home Sweet Home, the classic Earl Scruggs arrangement (with a few twists of my own!) and the guitar solo was by Malcolm Leiper. Euan, you have a great talent as an luthier (your mandolin I heard at the Lossie Festival had great projection and attracted a lot of attention). Please keep in touch and let me know how business is going (hopefully see you at Lossie next year!). All the best. Raymond.



My Hand Made Mandolin



Hand Crafted New Banjo Leg Rest Only £35.00

Tel: 01887 820040



Crazy 74 year old Banjo Maker man does front flip in Pitlochry